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Canaani Togethering at the Quarry

Keren and I drove out to the Quarry woods and met Beth and Mike, plus Adam and their mixed breed hound, Ginger. All the dogs were on long leads (10 meters/30 ft) throughout the walk. On meeting, Adam barked and growled a bit but Keren was amazingly placid and calm. As they approached each other, Keren slightly bared her teeth. "Hello, but don't make any moves on me if you like living."

Adam is a handsome dog, with cream coloring and a nice white blaze, and a calm disposition. Ginger was the most vocal, baying at the group of nature lovers at the old quarry site. Keren is the girl with red and white coloring.

At one point after an hour on the trail, both Adam and Keren went down into play bows--they really wanted to romp together but their leads were pretty tangled in bushes and the moment passed. I think Adam and Keren really understood each other and respected each other.

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Canaani Togethering at the Quarry