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Seeing the story, making a difference

A photograph is a work of art that can be powerful if it combines what one knows, understands, and feels. A photograph illuminates, records, and interprets. It is a distillation of the photographer's knowledge and experience. And it strives to involve the viewer, who brings his or her knowledge and feelings.

Assignment photography

  • Assignments to explain and promote the development of your business, institution, and community.
  • Editorial illustration, marketing, documentary, and environmental portraits.
  • Working unobtrusively with existing light to create realistic and convincing interpretations of real people in their activities and places.>

Raising money and resources for your non-profit

I can work together with you, and help you work together with your donors.

My interests are eclectic and include, but are not limited to: photography of people; photography of nature: seacoast, wetlands, woods; photographic documentation of community life and institutional communities; improving the health of people with chronic conditions; developing plans and solutions for complex problems including business development; writing, editing, illustrating and publishing; the Canaan dog and relationships between people and their animal companions... And a concern that there will be a decent world for my children and grandchild(ren). The Gallery and website present photographs that reflect these, and other, interests.

The photographs on the site sample the images and stories I have seen.

While many of my images are strong statements capable of standing alone, I also write essays showing relationships and meanings. These essays are presented on the web site at PhotoLuminations --a showcase for documentary work and editorial or marketing illustration as well as landscapes.

My photographs are available for licensed use as well as for display in museum-quality fine art prints or as inexpensive commercial quality prints.

For a bio of me as a photographer: About Jerry Halberstadt

Thanks to Ari Halberstadt, the multi-talented traveler, photographer, and scientist for blazing the trail to the installation of Drupal and of the Gallery. You can see his exquisite photography at Ari's Planet: Gallery

Keren, the Canaan dog, has contributed by being extremely patient, well past her lunch time walk. And she is responsible for my return to photography.