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Senator Ed Markey and North Shore Democratic Activists Rally for Seth Moulton

Sen Ed Markey and Seth MoultonSen Ed Markey and Seth Moulton

Rain could not deter Democratic activists, led by Senator Ed Markey, from holding signs and rallying for their candidates, especially Seth Moulton, candidate for the Massachusetts 6th district Congressional seat.

Can Peabody students stop the floods?

Today, the Office of the President released the National Climate Assessment, a report that details the dangerous impact of climate change on regions of the country. But the kids in Peabody are already at work on the problem, thanks to some dedicated teachers and the volunteers of Green Peabody.

Making a law to stop bullying is not like making sausage!

Crafting a law to stop bullying

Rep. Paul Heroux and Rep. Jay Livingstone invited Michael Kane, Executive Director of Mass Alliance of HUD Tenants and me to meet with them and other legislators yesterday (13 March) at the State House to help craft a bill to stop bullying of elders and disabled in housing programs. They invited Senator Joan Lovely, my own senator who has supported our efforts from the beginning. The new bill is intended to complement, build on, and improve the original effort, S604. UPDATES & NEWSLETTER AT

Tale of bullying, eviction of disabled woman spurs stop bullying advocacy at state house hearing


Speaking before the Joint Committee on Housing at the state house in Boston on 28 January, Margaret, a disabled woman now homeless, told of her painful experiences as the victim of bullying, eviction, and homelessness. Listeners fought back tears as they heard of the cruelty inflicted upon her, her futile attempts to receive a fair hearing, and the inability of the safety net to protect a woman living with significant disabilities, as well as the trauma of domestic abuse. Margaret's experience as a resident of privately owned, HUD-subsidized housing in Attleboro is unfortunately all too common in housing programs throughout the Commonwealth and nationally, impacting both elderly and disabled citizens.


Peabody is drawing closer to nature

Amy with her artNew signs of a growing environmental awareness in Peabody include an arts festival, a new school, and net metering.

Happy 4th, Sail with fair winds

Fireworks & the Friendship, Salem MA

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness...In every stage of these Oppressions We have Petitioned for Redress in the most humble terms: Our repeated Petitions have been answered only by repeated injury.

Friendship, July 4th 2006 Fireworks

Canaan dog does well at Westminster dog show

Those of us who know any Canaan, like Canaan dog Keren, already love and treasure the special nature of the Canaan---a mixture of affection, independence, and the untamed wilderness. But even many people who love dogs, don't appreciate this ancient Israeli breed. Owners and breeders of the Canaan feel like Cinderellas, hoping someday that our breed will get the recognition and respect that it deserves.

Why can't our political system deal with climate change?

In the State of the Union, the most powerful man in the world, the President of the United States, was unable to deal with the issue threatening the future of humanity: "The differences in this chamber may be too deep right now to pass a comprehensive plan to fight climate change." I seek to understand how our political system is unable to act on our behalf. As Pogo said, "We have met the enemy and he is us."

The best gift for a child

It seems natural for a parent or grandparent to give things to a child. But what gifts will have a lasting impact? The most valuable gift may not be a thing, but a relationship, a value, a skill, or an outlook. I try to create books that can help build those valuable gifts.

Creative Kids, in Prehistoric Caves or with an e-reader

Can children learn to be creative in a world of e-readers? Prehistoric children did not run amuck; they went to 'school' in caves where they had art and writing lessons, according to a conference on the Archeology of Childhood.

Photoluminations Books & Fables

Stories can be told in words or in pictures, but come to life when the reader can imagine a world created in words, and see images that relate to a physical reality as well as a fabulous environment. Such a story knows no limits. I call them "fables."

A Tree for Max, a fabulous illustrated book for children

cover image A Tree for Max

“...entertaining, educational & just plain fun”
“...a book which continues to grow along with a child as he/she journeys through life and will bear fruit all along the way.”

Living with Age, the National Blog for Elders, Set to Expand

Living with Age will treat old age as a chronic condition to be fought at every turn.

How to raise funds for a non-profit

Do you need to raise funds for your non-profit in these difficult economic times?

Portraits of the elderly: memories and relationships

I record memories and relationships, because that is what a good photographic portrait of an elder provides—affordably.

A new New Deal for elders and artists

Economic meltdown? The government rushes to bail out investment banks, banking instututions, and investors in mortgages. What about people, for example elders and artists? Here are some thoughts about a new New Deal.

Salem is charming, Salem has natural beauty, but global warming continues here

My appreciation of Salem MA has been confirmed. Salem's historic downtown has been recognized as one of the 10 best neighborhoods

...and the cat and the dog shall lie down together.

It is amazing to see the young male cat, Chunky, and the older Canaani female dog, Keren, living in harmony. Keren and Chunky have become real pals. Might this example of interspecies communication be a model for how humans of different cultures or identities could relate to each other?

What Is Photography?

What is photography? A great question to fill many idle hours! You tell me you that you, as a new and enthusiastic photographer, are confused.

Photographer's Lament

What is wrong with the art world?? How does a reproduction of a photograph by another worker (I hesitate to call him a photographer) become valuable art? Is it not decadent to reward the copyist (is "thief" accurate?) rather than the original artist?

Progress at Salem Harbor Plant?

It is more difficult to find out about progress in Salem, than the impact of the plant in Columbia. The spokesperson for Dominion, the owner of the Salem Harbor Plant, has not responded to my repeated queries.

Canaani Togethering

The most wonderful events, next to the birth of a human child or grandchild, are the birth of puppies...and the bittersweet moment when the eight-week-old puppy leaves with the new owner.

Community of Contemporary Artists exhibit in Salem

About 700 people visited the art exhibit in the historic Old Town Hall of Salem, with comments reported like "how special the event made our trip to Salem!"

Installing the Footbridge: Like Threading a Needle

Installing the Footbridge: Like Threading a Needle

"Building bridges" has a dramatic symbolism. But there is also drama in building a bridge. And sometimes drama comes to us. A photographer has no choice but to document the event.

Upper Cape Cod Photographer

Claudin Poyant is a professional photographer who does very fine work interpreting scenes and places on Cape Cod.

New Lively Art Scene in Salem: Photographs on Exhibit

A year ago, when I exhibited at the Row Gallery at Artists Row in Salem, I lamented the lack of venues for contemporary art in Salem. Fortunately, that is changing.

Living with Age: The elderly in America

Is 70 the new 60, or the new 70? How are the elderly, defined by the Census Bureau as those over 65, living?

Seeing History and the Environment in Salem, MA

Seeing History and the Environment in Salem, MA

Salem is a proud city with a proud past. As tourists, we see grand homes and sailing ships, shops with witch costumes, cobbled streets, and a once-busy harbor. It also has hidden areas of great natural beauty. If we look only at the surface, we make pretty photographs that tell a surface story. However, if we bring some background knowledge and thought to interpret what we see, we may see things in a different light. More, with photographs: Salem's Global Warming...

Seeing the story, making a difference

A photograph is a work of art that can be powerful if it combines what one knows, understands, and feels. A photograph illuminates, records, and interprets.

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