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Progress at Salem Harbor Plant?

It is more difficult to find out about progress in Salem, than the impact of the plant in Columbia. The spokesperson for Dominion, the owner of the Salem Harbor Plant, has not responded to my repeated queries.

Science Fiction? or Scientific Answers to Global Warming

Today the most pressing problems for humankind include global warming and pollution. Our political systems do not seem robust enough to respond to the impending disasters heralded by climate change.

Seeing History and the Environment in Salem, MA

Seeing History and the Environment in Salem, MA

Salem is a proud city with a proud past. As tourists, we see grand homes and sailing ships, shops with witch costumes, cobbled streets, and a once-busy harbor. It also has hidden areas of great natural beauty. If we look only at the surface, we make pretty photographs that tell a surface story. However, if we bring some background knowledge and thought to interpret what we see, we may see things in a different light. More, with photographs: Salem's Global Warming...

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