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Elderly Housing

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Stop Bullying Petition Submitted to Legislature

bullied woman

The Stop Bullying Committee has submitted A petition to stop bullying of elders and people living with disabilities in subsidized apartments to the Massachusetts legislature. We seek your interest and support to enable passage of effective legislation.

An act stopping the bullying of residents in multi-family residences

An act stopping the bullying of residents of multi-family residences, with attention to elders and persons living with disabilities residing in subsidized housing.

Elders, awake and organize!

Concerned about the mindless rush to destruction of the planet? Worried about the future for your children and grandchildren? Searching for a way to stop bullying?

Building A Tenants' Association In HUD Elderly Housing

When HUD created subsidized housing for elders, the goal was to create a safe and secure home for people who could not afford full market rate housing. But certain realities were created to confront elders. Owners believed that not only were they in charge of their buildings, but that they were in charge of their tenants.

Lucky Jim

Jim at 85 is a lucky elder.

Foul Weather: a locked building mystery

Featuring Inspector Boss Van Aken and His Canaan Dog Nerek

It is a dark and stormy night. After weeks of foul weather marked by unrelenting rain, Riverby is inundated by a fierce thunderstorm and torrential rain, a true nor'easter. The town center is flooded. Riverside Manor, an apartment building for the elderly, is surrounded by flood waters that keep even emergency personnel from approaching.

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