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Keren, my Canaani Sunburst

Today, 20 May 2015/2nd of Sivan, 5775, Keren—"Cherrysh Sunburst"—has become a blessed memory. Keren was bred by Cheryl & Jerry Hennings at Cherrysh Canaan Dogs, and whelped 30 Jan 2003/27th of Sh'vat, 5763.

Dogged Flight, a book by Canaan dog Keren

cover image Dogged Flight

“I have always wanted to fly.” Thus Keren, a nine-year-old female Canaan dog who loves to tell stories (some are true), opens Dogged Flight. Keren tells the secret of how she realised her puppyhood dream of flying with the birds.

Report to the King on Max and His Tree

To: The King of the Trees

Why is the world so strange and wonderful?

Why is the world so strange and wonderful? There are so many things I do not understand, and I don't have anyone, dog or person, to woof to about them.

Doggerel as dictated by my muse, Keren the Canaan girl

The Canaani Way To love, to serve, to protect, to hunt, to play

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